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Earlier on, we mentioned that whenever a model is removed from the battlefield as a casualty (but not when they flee), they will have to roll on their relevant Injury chart to see how their wounds have affected them post-battle. Their wounds may prove to be nothing more than minor Injuries, and they will be able to fight again in the next battle. They may suffer some form of lasting injury or be forced to miss a game in order to recover; or, in extreme cases, they may succumb to their wounds and perish.

Warrior models will need to roll on the Warrior Injury chart below, whilst Hero models will need to roll on the Hero Injury chart on the next page.


2D6 Result
2-3 DeadThe warrior has been slain in battle, either suffering a fatal strike in the heat of battle or their wounds proving too great for them to overcome. Their journey ends here and your company should take a moment to mourn their fallen ally. Remove the Warrior, and all of their wargear, from your Battle Company Roster.
4-5 InjuredThe warrior has suffered some form of serious injury and must take time to rest and recover their strength before attempting to fight once more. The Warrior must miss the next game that your Battle Company participates in, but suffers no further effects.
6+ Full RecoveryThe warrior's wounds were not serious, and with some basic treatment and rest, they will be on their feet and ready to continue their adventure sooner rather than later. The Warrior makes a full recovery, and may fight in the next battle as normal.

Unlike Warrior models, Hero models in your Battle Company have a much more varied chart to roll on. In part, this is so that bookkeeping is kept to a minimum, but also it adds a series of interesting and varied alternatives for your Heroes. Maybe they suffered an Injury to a specific part of their body, providing an interesting conversion opportunity. Perhaps they became lost following the battle and your company must now attempt to rescue them from the clutches of their foes. Or maybe some unknown force protected them from harm. Regardless, whenever a Hero is removed as a casualty during a game, it is this chart that they will roll on to determine their fate.


2D6 Result
2 DeadThe Hero's wounds have proven to be fatal and they have fallen. Their deeds will be fondly remembered by their followers, but their journey has come to an abrupt end. Your Hero's adventure ends here; no doubt their followers will mourn them. Remove the Hero, and all of their wargear, from your Battle Company Roster.
3 Lost in BattleThe Hero lies wounded upon the field of battle; their followers either unable to find them or having mistaken them for one of the fallen. The Hero model's Battle Company must play the Secure the Area or A Daring Rescue Scenario as their next game with the lost Hero as the objective. In the Secure the Area scenario, the Hero may not act in any way, shape or form, and may not be charged, targeted or damaged in any way (they are essentially an Objective marker). If the lost Hero model's Battle Company is victorious in the Scenario, then the Hero is rescued and makes a Full Recovery. If the game is a draw, then the Hero is rescued but must miss the next game their company participates in. If, however, they are defeated then the Hero is captured and considered Dead.
4 Arm WoundThe Hero has taken a serious wound to one of their arms, rendering it all but useless. From this point on, the Hero cannot carry a shield, wield a two-handed weapon, use a hand-and-a-half weapon two-handed, or fire a bow or crossbow of any sort (though they may still use throwing weapons). They may only use single-handed weapons from this point forward. Should the Hero suffer another Arm Wound at any point, they will be forced to retire, as per the Dead result.
5 Leg WoundThe Hero has sustained a vicious injury to their leg, causing them to limp and become slower as a result. The Hero has their Move value permanently reduced by 1". Should the Hero suffer another Leg Wound at any point, they will be forced to retire, as per the Dead result.
6-8 Full RecoveryFortune has been kind, the injuries suffered are of no lasting effect. The Hero may play in the next game as normal. Additionally, the Hero heals one Leg Wound, Arm Wound or Old Battle Wound they previously obtained.
9 It's just a ScratchAlthough not life threatening, the Hero must rest in order to heal. They must miss the next game. Alternatively, the Hero may roll again on this chart — however, the second result will apply even if it is worse than the first.
10 Old Battle WoundAlthough the Hero essentially makes a Full Recovery, they will never really be the same. The wounds that they suffered in battle will crop up from time to time, rendering the Hero unable to fight. At the start of each game this Hero participates in, roll a D6. On a 1, the Hero must miss that game. It is possible for a Hero to have multiple Old Battle Wounds, in which case they will roll a D6 for each one.
11 The Wounds of a HeroThe Hero's allies are so impressed by the Hero's resilience and quick recovery that they are richly rewarded. The Hero model's Battle Company immediately gains an extra D6 Influence Points; additionally, the Hero makes a Full Recovery.
12 Protected by the ValarSaved by the Valar, or perhaps some darker force, the Hero is protected from harm. The Hero makes a Full Recovery. Additionally, the Hero permanently gains +1 Fate point (to a maximum of 3).

As you will no doubt have noticed, Hero models are less likely to die than Warrior models. This is a game of noble heroes and epic deeds after all, and so the focus of Battle Companies is very much on the Heroes and the acts they perform, rather than the followers they lead.