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Turn Sequence

Asa battle rages on, warriors become locked in a desperate fight for survival as they clash weapons with their enemies. Arrows rain down upon the battlefield, and mighty heroes lead their followers forward to glory.

To bring order to this swirling maelstrom of action, the game is divided into a series of turns. Depending on the Scenario, a game could consist of any number of turns. Sometimes, a Scenario will call for the battle to last for a fixed amount of time, whilst on other occasions specific conditions need to be met in order to end the game. These could range from wiping out the opposing side to capturing a relic or a significant area of the battlefield.


In each turn, both players use the models under their control, allowing them to move, use Magical Powers, shoot missile weapons and fight in hand-to- hand combat with their foes. To keep things simple, and keep the battle flowing, a turn is divided into a series of phases that are listed opposite.

During each phase of the game, players use their models; the player who has Priority acts first and, when they have completed all of their actions with all of their models, the other player then acts with their models.



In the Priority phase, players roll off to see which player has Priority.


Both players move their models. First, the player with Priority moves any of their models that they wish. When they are finished, the other player moves their models.


Players make shooting attacks with any of their models that are equipped with missile weapons, starting with the player with Priority. Once they have finished with all of their models, the other player makes shooting attacks with their models.


In the Fight phase, all models from both sides that are engaged in hand-to-hand combat will fight. The player with Priority chooses the order in which combats are resolved.


In this phase, resolve any effects that remain until the End phase (such as Paralyse, and so on), and then clear any stray tokens and dice before starting the next turn.